• Cups & lids for Dairy Products, Yoghurt, Milk & Ice Creams
  • Drinking cups / glasses
  • Containers for fruit, vegetables & sweet packing
  • Meal trays for microwave ovens
  • Flower Pots, transportation trays & Agricultural Products


  • Individually driven Vertical / Inclined Calendar Unit
  • Precisely manufactured rollers Hardened and Mirror finished surface for superior surface properties and excellent thickness control
  • Motorized/Hydraulic gap adjustment for calendar roll for quick product changes
  • Multilayer Feed Block & Flat sheet dies
  • Melt pump for better pressure control for consistent thickness
  • Automation through PLC with touch screen
  • Specially Designed Winding System for Jumbo Rolls and 2/3 station Turret Winder
  • Online Trim Recycling arrangement
  • Lowest investment cost per ton of installed capacity


Technical Specifications

Material Layers Sheet Output
Width Thickness
PP 1 Layer 400 to 1500 mm 0.25 to 2.0mm 200 to 2000 kg/hr
HIPS/PS 2 Layer
PS/HIPS/PS 3 Layer
PP/Tie/EVOH/Tie/PP 5 Layers